The space between letters

Apologies to my followers for the gap in posts … the space between letters of one sort anyway.  So much for my ambitions to post more regularly.

Let me tell you why … and it has to do with the space between letters of another kind. I edit for a living –  rewrite, redesign, write, source photos, arrange printing.  And I love it … I feel useful, craftsmanlike, in the zone.  And I am good at it – not pedantically so, but pretty sharp in terms of intention, tone, structure and punctuation.

So there’s been a big project on at work… 150 pages big! Which has meant that turning around and even collecting a thought on life or the written word lately has escaped me!  This project was so complex I even got down to the old tradesman-like art of cut and paste – which is highly reliable if messy and always reminds me that everything I learned about PR I really DID learn in kindergarten.  Except the scissors have got larger and sharper, and the glue comes in handy sticks now, rather than sticky hands!

So it’s done, the last tiny annoying edits are off to the designer in the morning. For anyone writing a novel, this lies before you.  The great drawn out tea-time of the punctuated soul!  And just when you think “oh no, do I have to read this again?” and “there cannot possibly be anything more to fix in this work of genius” it happens….you spot that mistake, that little jot of punctuation or worse … that misspelt or misplaced word, the one you hadn’t seen on the last 3 revisions but which now sits crooked, blunt, jarring, and (apparently, for some sudden reason but it happens every time!) in capital letters surrounded by neon strobe lights which beckon “look at me!”.  The great skite of a spelling mistake, the great showoff of a misappropriated word, the screaming irritation of a misplaced comma!  Welcome to the twitching, endless twilight zone of the 3rd edit!

So that job done and dusted,  I switched edit to another document which is well down the list of urgent BUT after the 3rd viewing it seems to have got worse, with spaces missing between letters and other oddness!  Most annoying are brandNames with capitals, or perhaps not with capitals, in the middle of the word which requires a check on the company’s website to find THEY aren’t sure if it’s it one word (capital letters notwithstanding) or two!

So for light relief I had a baking class in the country on Sunday – quick and easy bread recipes and wonderful views of big hills in autumn… my next blog entry!

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