Sorry, but it’s summer!

I suspect Blogging 101 is invented to keep people occupied indoors during a northern hemisphere winter! Summer here in Hawke’s Bay is warm and sunny … more humidity lately than is nice but basically too warm and lovely to be sitting inside and blogging.  So to my followers, apologies for the gap.

But we are back into our year already in NZ.  I am back at work – editing the state of the environment chapters for our science team. It’s a job I really enjoy and learn from…this week I more clearly understood how the macroinvertebrate index works for assessing water quality and stream health.   Yes, really!

And choir rehearsals are back on. I sing with Napier Civic Choir under the musical directorship of the marvellous Jose Aparicio.  And he really does direct our music in ways that are exciting, demanding and intriguing… basically he has taught us to sing well and think about the music.  So if you are in the neighbourhood come and listen to a concert this year!

Faure’s Requiem is on the programme for March. I have only ever heard the Libera Me before (possibly I have heard the whole thing on Concert  FM and not been aware of what it was).  So I am playing it on Spotify as I type this to get familiar. I found the most wonderful version with NZ’s own fab bass Teddy Tahu Rhodes singing the Libera Me … ahhh bliss!!  It’s this recording of Sinfonia Australis  if you want to take a listen.  Stunning!

Off for a bike ride in the sun …

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