Blogging 101 Starts Here (like going to school)

I decided to kick start my occasional blogging efforts with a WordPress class, Blogging 101, recommended by my friend, Jill (check out her website, she’s touring South East Asia at the moment and enjoying the local food and experiences).  It seems to have done wonders for her writing and sharing so I decided to sign up. Already I have more followers in 2 days than in all the years I have picked away at this blog, so that’s an encouragement to us all right there!

So the first assignment is to publish a “who am I and why am I here?” blog.  Ignoring all the deeper philosophical discussions that this question could prompt, here goes.

I live in New Zealand, in one of the wonderful unique treasures of this country, the art deco capital of the world, Napier.  I moved here 20 years ago from Wellington expecting the stay 2-5 years but in that time made wonderful new friends, bought a house and rediscovered myself as a writer.  Oh and the Mediterranean climate, the wines, the fine cafes makes this a great place to live!

So the house still needs redecorating and fixing, and the writing has had some occasional successes but I have floundered on the Big Question “which novel to write?” and its corollary “do I really have the focus and energy to write one?”.  So even without finishing anything and winning a publishing contract and seeing my novel on shelves and then in the discount bin a year later, life is still good. And I still get back to Wellington regularly – I love my friends there and the city is fabulous.

So “why am I here”? 1) I need to keep up with social media skills for work , and like to have new skills anyway. Looking back on posts, 2) the blog should be about writing (it’s what its ‘ mission statement’ says but seems to have dissolved into being a record of books that I am reading or have read, although the commentaries have no great insight or focus….I read widely, I dip in and out…but with a literature degree I could be thinking more about what I am reading.

On further reflection, it is probably 3) to save me keeping a diary of the mundane (shopping, hair colour, work, cafes) so I can keep my own track of the passing of days. On this basis it should really reflect my reasonably wide interests – science communication, public service issues, theatre, music, art, libraries, architecture, design, other cultures.  My other option would be to pick one and focus on it single-mindedly … but nah … I am too curious about too many things.

So “who do I want to connect with?” … it would have to be other writers of fiction or of articles/stories in any of my interests.

PS You will notice I use lots of ellipses … easier to create on a keyboard than a dash.

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3 Responses to Blogging 101 Starts Here (like going to school)

  1. Oh my New Zealand us on my top 5 places, hubbys company is based in Sydney and plan to visit both soon! Congrats on your blog, you have 1 new follower!

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