Essential New Zealand Poems

Since Christmas Day 2014 I have been enjoying this present from my dear friend Marie [who knows me well!]…


It’s full of intriguing, lovely, local and fairly contemporary poems [including one by music superstar Lorde’s more-clever-Mum, Sonja! (because, Lorde, mothers always are!)] .

Best of all was finding Bub Bridger’s poem “A Christmas Wish”.   I have misquoted it for years, so it is great to have the real thing!

I saw Bub perform this live many years ago …. complete with the most generous, amorous gestures ever seen in a woman of 60 plus! She had the room filled of shocked and delighted laughter! I think it was the men who didn’t quite know where to look!

So after a small false start and collecting my dramatic courage, I narrated it on Christmas morning – in true Bub Bridger style…with Marie and Adrienne peeling with laughter. The Mimosa/Buck’s Fizz helped!

Here’s the opening (you’ll get the gist!). And a quick explanation for readers who are not Kiwis or rugby union historians, the Whetton brothers were All Blacks …

I want a Whetton for Christmas!
Either Alan or Gary would do…
I’d lo-o-o-o-ve a Whetton for Christmas
For some frolicsome festive woo…

Sets Christmas off just right for the ladies! The poem really should be on those little strips of paper in Christmas crackers!  Although let me be clear … Bub fancied the Whettons, while my favourite players have always been my nephew and cousins!

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