The Year of Dangerous Resolutions

Here’s a resolution I won’t keep:

To finish the books on my bookshelf that I have started but been diverted from by another, more glossy, more recommended (or ‘more thrust into my hand and you must read this!’), more appealing for where I am now, or just won or about to win a prize.  My challenge is to be one of those classic readers that finishes each book they start.  A novel idea!

So …

  1. NO book groups, book clubs, book anythings where the reading list is defined for me.  Having quit a book club last year because of my own bad behaviour – I am usually too tired by the time I get there and so find it hard to relax and am cranky if I hate the book (which I did!) and/or overly talkative after a wine – this will not be hard to maintain.
  2. YES to supporting friends who are writers, directors, musicians, actors, artistic geniuses … people who actually create work. After all reading is so passive…all you really are is another audience.
  3. SOAK UP the books already on my shelf, unless I need to read a book for real research (ie not just to see how another more worthy writer – ie someone who finishes something written! – does it.)
  4. ENJOY my own writing style… which is good! And write more. Write lots.
  5. SIGN up for blogging 101 – which I just did, big tick.

So why won’t I keep it? Because I just know me … magpie me, looking for the next shiniest brightest book out there.  Perhaps short stories will be my saving grace … I can finish those easily! Just read Hilary Mantell’s story The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher this morning and really liked it.  Even more so, as it must set alarm bells going in MI5 (or is it 6?) every time someone googles it!  I can see it as a play so perhaps Emma Thomson and Alan Rickman could chat with Hilary about that!

What did I finish in 2013? ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’ by Chris Hadfield – which was a moving perspective to life by my favourite astronaut since Michael Collins!

‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin who simply makes sense.  The book has been loaned around the office so we can all have a happier 2015!

So you see the problem … non-fiction is winning!

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