Ba-a-a-ad Movies Always Make Me Sigh! But Aloha…

The word is out on “The Word”!  The script (and direction – warning bells on that combo which is a recipe for not-so-good) has to be as good as your subject if your film is about a so-so novelist who fails to fess up when a book he didn’t write becomes a best seller. Aghh the irony of it all. This film deserved to be sharp and clever and an incisive look at celebrity … not to have obvious plot directions (saw those coming) or to drag in the middle, or to have the whole thing run out of energy.  What was with my fave Scotsman dashing in in absurd spectacles and dash out, never to be seen again?  A whole character wasted!  And why was the wife a cipher with no family, girl friends, anyone to talk to and reflect what we were thinking…. and she was a good actress that deserved more to play with.  Jury still out on Bradley whatsit … not convinced yet.  Thank goodness for the good red wine at my elbow!

However ‘The Descendents’ (seen on DVD) was finely tuned, nuanced and had some subtle and often funny surprises. Not least the fact that it was filmed in a Polynesian/Pacifica society that I recognised … not the Hawaii 5 Oh version, but something that felt more like Auckland and Bay of Plenty … and home.  I really recognised the land issues … so Polynesian and valuable.

Oh and George Clooney stars – and its odd that I don’t rush to a film just because he’s in it, but then I can’t think of a film he’s been in that I haven’t enjoyed.

And then there’s the uplifting polynesian movie soundtrack. Another one is the gorgeous soundtrack to NZ’s own ‘No 2’. Echoes of red hibiscus.

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