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Otago Rail Trail Holiday

Adrienne scooting down the trail – some kind of record for not peddling until way, way, way down the bottom of this hill. Look at those wide open spaces!  We had just come through tunnel (very dark, who’d be a … Continue reading

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A Note to Bruce Willis

Bruce, please pick up the movie rights to Eoin Colfer’s Plugged because my friend Ceri and I think you’d do a good job.  We can see you tackling the bad guys …but how are you with an Oirish accent? This book is … Continue reading

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Ba-a-a-ad Movies Always Make Me Sigh! But Aloha…

The word is out on “The Word”!  The script (and direction – warning bells on that combo which is a recipe for not-so-good) has to be as good as your subject if your film is about a so-so novelist who fails to fess up … Continue reading

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